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UI Design Case Study: Chronos

Chronos is a fictional time travel app. I designed the user interface based on a utopian idea of users being able to travel in time to revive historical moments.

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What & Why?

In a utopian world, where time travel is possible, people who want to go to the past to revive historical moments, don’t really have a simple and safe way to do it. 


I invented a time-traveling machine app where the users can search through journeys from different historical moments, or search a specific time in history and travel to it, being able to experience it in real-time.


  • Let the users browse and choose journeys recommended for them.

  • Provide important information about each tour, so the user can learn about what he/she is going to experience.

  • Give the users a sense of security and guidance through a character that is always available for help.

  • Have the users choose a specific time and place in history that they would like to travel to.


In the setup of the app, it is required that the users complete a survey so they can receive journey recommendations tailored to them according to their personal information. If they skip, the app’s character Navi will remind them to complete it when they can.

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Grupo 124.png
Grupo 124.png
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Mood Boards

I made a couple of mood boards to define the color palette, image styles, and an overview of the app’s personality.

Journey images.jpg
Navi and nav bar.jpg

*Some images are from Reborn Sama, Connor Burke.

Style Guide

Style Guide

Style Guide.png

Final Screens


The app’s character is presented to the user along with an introduction of the app’s purpose.

Onboarding – 1.png
Onboarding – 2.png
Onboarding – 3.png
Onboarding – 4.png

Welcome & Main Screen


When Opening a Journey

There’s a description of the journey, what the users will see, what they will experience, and how they have to prepare.  

If the user chose in the setup not to be exposed to certain situations, there will be an alert.

Iphone clay mockup only borders.png

Advanced Search

The users can search for any moment in history they would like to travel to. It’s as specific as it can be - they can choose the date, time, and place.  After the journey is finished, they earn a badge as an encouragement to keep using the time-traveling machine app.

Advanced search.png

Thanks for Watching!

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