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Mobile app

The Best Care 
for Orchids.

The problem

Usually, orchid lovers have to learn how to take care of them by trial and error, not having enough knowledge or a guide to help them understand their orchid’s needs.

The solution

An App for keeping up with the plant’s needs through reminders of care, information about its growth, identification of species and status only by taking a picture of the orchid.

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Ideation Process

Information architecture’s planning for the app’s basic structure.

User flow

Low-fi sketches & Wireframes







Raleway bold
Raleway medium
Raleway light


All the illustrations in the app are digital and made by me.

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In the first time that the app opens, the user can watch the onboarding or skip it in order to sign in/sign up.

When you take a picture

The app recognizes which kind of orchid the user has.

Illustration feature

The app has an optional feature that transforms all the pictures into illustrations.

Home, menu & profile

I used a color gradient in the menu, profile and settings to contrast the white background we can see in most of the app.

Thanks for watching!

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